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What herbs are good for erectile dysfunction?

In 1990s, when Viagra and PDE5 inhibitors did not exist on the market, men actively used natural ingredients to treat the erectile dysfunction and improve the sexual health.

When the PDE5 inhibitors appeared on the pharmaceutical market, most men prefer the oral medications. They act quickly, give a stable effect, and are easy to use. But even today the shops actively sell herbs which have a positive effect on the potency and are able to improve the sexual function of a man during the regular use.

Herbs usually give a long effect but it is based only on the subjective perceptions of men. There are few clinical evidences that herbs and plant ingredients really help to improve the potency.

There are several herbs which have an evidential base and showed themselves to be natural stimulants of libido and the erectile function.

These herbs are:

  • Ginseng root improves the hardness of the penis, increases the staying power and gets rid of the stress
  • Mondia whitei increases a sexual drive and improves a reproductive function
  • Ginkgo Biloba increases the blood flow to the penis. The mechanism of the action is identical to the PDE5 inhibitors, but it is weaker
  • Tribulus terrestris increases a natural production of the male sexual hormones
  • Maca increases the sexual activity, is rich of the useful micro-elements
  • Yohimbe is the strongest natural libido stimulator

A lot of extracts are created on the basis of these herbs which are used for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. They have lower side effects than the synthetical medical products. But herbs and extracts are not always cheaper, and one should not expect a fast result. In order to improve the potency, all these vegetable products should be used on a regular basis and the dose may be increased with ageing.

But remember about the contraindications. As all vegetable extracts do not have side effects, a man still may have an allergic reaction during the individual intolerance of any ingredient.